FEYNLAB DETAILER is as you would expect a detailer spray high in polymers. However it is designed from a clean sheet so that’s where the similarity ends. Along the way DETAILER was infused with ceramic technology and content which changed the chemistry and useability considerably……..


With conventional detailers they are high in wetting agents and gloss enhancers which although DETAILER has these they work differently with the added chemistry. Where this is most noticeable is useability. With conventional detailing sprays a high GSM and very plush microfibre is a benefit. With FEYNLAB detailer it is a handicap. For that reason we recommend microfibres with a short fibre and a GSM between 250 and 400 but of a high quality. When used with microfibres over 400 you will find grabbiness increases…this is part of the bonding action of the detailer and a lower GSM will change this behaviour dramatically making it easier to use. A helpful tip is use one microfibre to spread and start to buff clear and a dry clean microfibre for the final buff.


Unlike other detailers I would probably have to say yes…where as generic detailers are easy to use in all circumstances..prepped cars, unprepped cars etc …DETAILER is particularly aimed at cars that have previously been detailed and coated and will help towards repairing any minor damage caused by environmental factors which in turn reinforces and lengthens the durability of the coating. It will also be very easy to work with, maintain high gloss and excellent hydrophobics. In short…the perfect partner for your coating.


That’s not a problem and DETAILER will still provide gloss like any other detailer and better durability than most . It will however have a more grabby feel on buffing the excess when fallout and contamination is present and require a bit more effort.

In short DETAILER should really have been labelled a spray sealant but it excels as a detailer perfectly when coatings are added into the equation