Feynlab Self Heal Plus is the optimal solution to keep your vehicle looking its best and well protected over time. With Self Heal Plus, dark colored vehicles will retain their true color and glossy appearance. Self Heal Plus has the impressive self-healing mechanism that reduces wash induced love marks and light scratches.

Feynlab signed with Panoz to install the Self Heal Plus paint protection coating on every car they build. This includes the hand-built Panoz Avezzano GT, limited edition Esperante Spyder GT, and Esperante GT sports cars.

The Self Heal Plus’ standard features include a high-gloss aesthetic, paint protection, and hydrophobic properties. Panoz users will be able to enjoy a full range of coverage for several years due to the multi-year durability. That’s because Self Heal Plus will be a standard option for all new Panoz sports cars.

Specialized Product


We reserve some of our products for certified installers due to their special characteristics and complex installations. Feynlab Self Heal Plus is an example of this where the installation procedure can take several days. If you would like to become a Feynlab Certified Installer, please apply at the Installer and Distributor Program

Self Heal Plus and Panoz Sports Cars

Panoz is an American sports car manufacturer based in Georgia. They build extremely well engineered cars and are hugely successful in the racing scene. They also compete internationally in endurance racing events such as Le Mans.

John Suerth, co-founder and director of product development at Feynlab, disclosed that the partnership with Panoz has been an exciting development for Feynlab. Furthermore, he disclosed that Panoz shares several core values with their company as they continue to seek innovations beyond limits.

Aside from the common values disclosed by John Suerth, Feynlab also shares other characters with Panoz. Both U.S based companies manufacture and sell high-end products in the automotive industry. Each company hold themselves to a high standard of quality and engineering when developing their products.

Panoz is a great company with amazing cars. Please visit their website learn more about their options. Also, if you want to protect your investment, check Self Heal plus and other products below.