The pinnacle of the BMW X5 jeep range is the M50 D and this particular customers car was well used. The paintwork was dull from improper washing and the interior leather needed a deep clean.

We performed our usual task of pre washing the vehicle paintwork with a citrus based cleansing agent that safely break down and removes any dirt or grime that may be present which is then washed from the paint. Next a layer of tar remover is applied followed by iron remover to remove any iron deposits that come from being in storage. We allow the iron to be removed but normally apply a second application of iron remover to ensure it has been removed as otherwise it will affect the longevity of the coating being applied. We rewash between each step and finish off using a decontamination sponge and a spray detailer which removed a fine layer of scum that had built up on the paint.

We then married the unbeatable combination of Feynlab F500 Medium Cut and a wool head together on a rotary polisher which cut its way through a stubborn layer of built up scum to reveal the Carbon Black Metallic to shine the way the germans intended!

We then thoroughly washed the car with Feynlab wash to cleanse the paint and applied a generous coat of Krystal Kleen Detail SiStal which was topped off with SiCoat to leave the paint feeling super slippery to the touch which is a world away from how the jeep came in.

The interior was hoovered and the leather was deep cleaned using Krystal Kleen Detail Lush Leather Gel Kit and finished off using Feynlab Leather Ceramic based protection. 

The transformation of this vehicle is quite literally night and day. A darker colour like black will always show an improvement but this is a step above that again with an immense rich depth of gloss that is hard not to keep staring at and really shows the marvellous appearance that this paint has the ability of showing.

The main aim that the customer wanted was to restore the shine and make it easier to maintain and increase the length between washes which we were more than able to achieve that with what has been applied. Yet again another vehicle completed that will outshine all the competition!