• True nano technology allows PRIME to cleanse paint deep inside the paint’s pores.
  • Prime lays down base chemistry within the porous paint structure, enhancing the bonding of coating applications.
  • FEYNLAB’s™ true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.


250ml Concentrate


Always wear respirator & gloves during all chemical application. contamination.


Thoroughly clean surface of loose contamination or topical that might inhibit product effectiveness. Clean the surface with FEYNLAB® WASH.

Spray liberally to the vehicle surface in order to adequate lubricate the surface for the clay or decontamination mitt. After the physical decontamination is completed, simple wipe off any remaining product with a plush microfiber towel.


Since PRIME penetrates do deeply into the paint’s structure, a large portion of it will remain after polishing, helping to promote optimal adhesion and performance of all FEYNLAB coatings.