FEYNLAB® MARINE WASH is a high foaming and extremely concentrated wash product specifically developed for the marine environment. IDEAL for the Preparation & Maintenance of FEYNLAB MARINE CERAMIC COATINGS because NOTHING is left behind on the surface.

FEYNLAB® MARINE WASH is a high foaming extremely concentrated deep cleaning marine wash soap! IDEAL for the Preparation & Maintenance of FEYNLAB MARINE CERAMIC COATINGS because NOTHING is left behind on the surface.

Engineered with great foaming and contamination encapsulation technology, MARINE WASH’S true power lies within Feynlab’s Intelligent Cleaning Technology which mechanically latches onto contamination particles for ease of removal while also chemically breaking them down. MARINE WASH is a perfect preparation step for regular vessel maintenance washes, or the application of marine grade ceramic nano coatings.

MARINE WASH is the natural choice to deeply clean surfaces, maintaining the optimal sheeting and self-cleaning characteristics of any coated vessel (all brands). Most marine shampoos leave behind considerable polymers which interfere with a coating’s true water behavior.

When used first, within the FEYLNAB Optimal Bonding System for Coatings, MARINE WASH functions as a true deep cleanser. The nano particles penetrate below the surface removing deep embedded contaminants from the surface with much greater effectiveness than traditional marine shampoos. A cleaner surface promotes more effective bonding and performance of FEYNLAB HYDRO MARINE COATING SYSTEM.


  • Attaches and Dissolves Contamination with Foaming and Encapsulation Technology to offer a Truly Deep Cleaning Marine Shampoo
  •  Safe for all Exterior Marine Surfaces
  • Ammonia-Free & Tint-Safe
  • Perfect Marine Wash to Maintain Optimal Sheeting and Self Cleaning (Hydrophobic) Properties for all Ceramic Coated Surfaces
  • Intelligent Cleaning Technology: No Fillers, Junk Chemicals, Builders, or Caustic Residue Left Behind.
  • Rinses Clean: Leaving Zero Residue Behind, Revealing only the True State of the Surface
  • Great for use in a Foam Cannon/Lance or with Traditional Wash Buckets

APPROVED SURFACES FOR APPLICATION – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfaces

Approved Surfaces:

  • Exterior Marine Surfaces
  • Vinyl
  • Non-Skid Flooring
  • Wood
  • & More




Always wear gloves when using MARINE WASH.



  • Add 1oz of MARINE WASH per 2 gallons of water to your wash bucket.
  • Remove any loose debris on the surface by spraying free flowing water.
  • OPTIONAL: If using a foam cannon, add 1 oz per 16oz into foam cannon
  • OPTIONAL: Using the foam cannon soap the entire side of the vessel or if smaller vessel the entire craft and allow to dwell 3-5 minutes depending on temperatures and sun exposure.
  • Using a High-quality wash mitt or Folded Microfiber towel wipe down all areas staying away from electronics.
  • Thoroughly rinse entire vessel staying away from electronics.
  • Dry using high quality microfiber towel.
  • Admire your work.  Take lots of pictures.  Brag about it to your friends and give the FEYNLAB® team a virtual high five.