FEYNLAB HYDRO was developed to specifically deal with the harsh environments that watercraft endure and for compatibility with both painted and gel-coat finishes. The main form of protection that this coating offers is UV protection. HYDRO uses smart Nano particles that scatter UV rays, this means that the probability of a UV ray reaching the paint surface is reduced to roughly 1%. This solves the main problem with gel-coat finishes as they suffer from oxidation brought on by UV degradation which cause it to go powdery and yellowish.

HYDRO has a good level of hydrophobicity meaning that the rinse down after use is much faster. HYDRO is not an anti-fouling and should only be used above the waterline if the watercraft is expected to spend long periods of time in the water.

The hydrophobicity of HYDRO will decrease water drag when applied below the water line and application to the propellers will improve fuel consumption. This is assuming the watercraft is lowered into the water only when used, and not for prolonged periods where anti-fouling would be required, for example a weekend-use speed-boat.

The aesthetic improvement of HYDRO is similar to that of GLASS, exceptionally glossy.