FEYNLAB™ Aero is a 2 part coating system specifically developed for the aviation industry. The coating system will protect the paint of the aircraft from the elements, it will also improve the aesthetics significantly by making the surface glossier.

Aero creates a super slick finish that reduces the air friction slightly which in turn reduces the fuel consumption, and increases the optimum speed.

Aero also has excellent non stick properties, so cleaning is much easier.

See below for the science behind Aero.

The science behind the FEYNLAB™ Aero Coating.

Aerodynamic reduction
There are many factors that affect drag on an airplane, but they can be broken down into two categories. The first being Induced Drag (due to lift) and the second being Form Drag (due to friction, and frontal area).

Drag equation
There is an optimal speed where the total drag is at a minimum. See graph below.

The nano-coating will reduce air friction, and falls within the Form Drag category. The fuel usage due to drag:

So a reduction in the drag form would result in a directly proportional reduction in fuel usage. If we consider that the friction reduction is constant across the board, then a downward shift in the Form Drag curve would occur, meaning that the total drag (optimum value) is reduced. It also shifts the optimum speed point forward, in effect killing two birds with one stone.
This is illustrated on the graph below: