There are very few cars that stir up as many positive emotions as a classic Subaru Impreza WRX. This one required a quick tidy up and a polish for the owner that  morphed into the mother of all jobs! The front bumper rear bumper roof and bonnet were flatted back and repainted . We then set about all of the other areas of the car once everything had been deep cleaned and proceeded to polish the rest of the paintwork. The interior had a deep clean along with the mats and once thoroughly dried out we applied Feynlab Textile to the seats mats and carpets to help repel against future staining. The wheels were then removed from the car and the wheels and arches were deep cleaned and a coat of Feynlab Wheel and Caliper was applied to the wheels. All of the underside was polished along with the exhaust and a liberal coat of Feynlab The Original Ceramic was airbrushed onto the underside and the suspension arms. The car was then left for a few weeks for the paint to cure and I polished the repainted panels and applied a coat of Feynlab the Original Ceramic before curing using our state of the art Infratec Infrared curing lamp to ensure excellent adhesion between the coating and the paintwork. The exterior plastics and lower scuttle panel plastics were removed and clear coated and had a coat of Feynlab The Original Ceramic.


All in in a very difficult, time consuming and most importantly enjoyable process that was carried out over 9 weeks making it one of the longest we have done in quite a while. These are the projects that we love to see come in that challenge all of our skillset and product knowledge! Here’s to many more!