Porsche 924 S

The owner of this 1987 Porsche 924 S was so happy with the work we completed on the Land Rover Defender that he asked us to do the same on this Porsche.

>We started by completely drying the paint out using an InfraRed lamp as there was blistering or moisture in parts of the roof and bonnet. We then took the paint depth of all areas of the paint to figure out what steps would be taken in different stages. After we had this done we wet sanded the entire car and went through a number of stages to polish it back to a glossy and glassy finish using Feynlab F500 Medium Cut and F1000 Final Cut.

The interior is in excellent condition and was deep cleaned and a Feynlab Textile fabric protectant was used on the seats carpeting and mats. The dash and door card plastics were treated to a generous coat of Feynlab Plastic which renewed the plastic to a natural level of sheen and looked like a new section that had replaced the old.

The cars front and rear suspension were broken down and all worn parts were removed and either replaced where needed or sandblasted and repainted. We then baked the paint and put a coating of Feynlab Wheel and Caliper on all the new parts and baked it again using an InfraRed lamp. The wheels and exhaust were next and after a close inspection the exhaust was replaced for a beautiful stainless steel version also getting coated this time using Krystal Kleen Detail Revolve X.

The wheels were broken down and were blasted. We then deburred and smoothed all of the tiny imperfections in the wheels requiring many hours of painstaking detail involving filing and sanding all of the rear edges of the wheels to make them super smooth. The wheels were then primed, base coated and had a number of coats of lacquer applied. We then wet sanded the lacquer and polished them to a blinding gloss followed by baking them to ensure that they had fully hardened and applied a coat of Wheel and Caliper to provide an excellent hard level of protection on the wheels.

The customer then had the nose cone repainted and we allowed in to gas off for a few weeks. we then IR cured the paint over two days and had polished the entire body of any minute marring and marks it may have picked up while at the bodyshop. We then applied Ceramic Plus to the body work and cured it using an IR lamp. The owner has now taken to quite a few classic car shows and is delighted how easy it is to keep clean.

Another vehicle lovingly restored by PTI and Brian Spellman AKA “The Boss Of Gloss”.