Mercedes S500


There are very few of these S500’s in the country so it’s always a pleasure to work on one and show what we can do. There could be no mistakes here as the owner sells Mercedes for a living and the expectations were very high!

Meticulous care on pre washing and washing using a highly lubricated shampoo followed by both tar and iron removal and finished off using a clay sponge and a spray detailer.

The paintwork needed a number of polishing stages to remove some surface webbing on the lacquer.The paintwork is refined using a finishing foam pad and Feynlab F1000 Final Finish ensures a uniform finish leaving a beautiful mirror like finish that leaves the vehicle looking like a new car fresh off the production line !

To finish off the exterior preparation in anticipation of the Nano Sealent we thoroughly washed the exterior with Feynlab wash and prime and added a layer of Prime to set up the paint for the coating.

We then applied two layers of Nano Sealent to the side windows and rear windscreen and coated the entire body as well. We then cured using InfraRed lamps each panel for 15 minutes to ensure an excellent cross link between the paintwork and the coating.

The interior leather got a deep clean and was treated to Feynlab Leather Coating. The interior carpeting and mats also got a deep clean to ensure that the inside looked as good as the outside.

All in all a great transformation that really looked the part when collected and a returning customer that has had his cars coated for a number of years now. The gleaming paintwork married with a hefty V8 under the bonnet and stunning diamond cut wheels and aggressive aero really stands out now and is so well protected. Many thanks to the owner for his custom who after a very careful look around the vehicle to thoroughly inspect was delighted with the work!

Another vehicle lovingly restored by PTI and Brian Spellman AKA “The Boss Of Gloss”.