Our customer had recently upgraded his company car to this stunning BMW 420. He wanted to reduce his down time having to stop and get his car washed and wanted to get the leather coated.


A common line of thought is that new cars need little to no preparation before being put on the road however this couldn’t be further from the truth. After being transported across the European continent and being stored for months at a time it gathers a lot of contamination on the paint surface.


We performed our usual task of pre washing the vehicle paintwork with a citrus based cleansing agent that safely break down and removes any dirt or grime that may be present which is then washed from the paint. Next a layer of tar remover is applied followed by iron remover to remove any iron deposits that come from being in storage. We allow the iron to be removed but normally apply a second application of iron remover to ensure it has been removed as other wise it will affect the longevity of the coating being applied. We rewash between each step and finish off using a decontamination sponge and a spray detailer which removed quite a grubby layer of scum that was on the paint.


We then used a medium cutting foam pad and Feynlab F500 Medium Cut to refine the top layer surface to a superlative finish.  The pre coating stages are essential to how well the coating will bond and perform when installed and Feynlab have that area covered as well ! Feynlab Wash flushes out any oils or air bourne contaminants that may have become embedded in the paintwork when polishing. We then follow that process up with Feynlab Prime which fills in any microscopic indentations that the polishing process could not remove and leaves down an excellent “key” for the coating to adhere to.


The customer decided to go with 1 year ceramic application of protection and opted to purchase Feynlab Ceramic Lite.  


The interior carpeting and boot area had a deep clean with a fastidious hoovering followed by the leather getting a punctilious detail using a dedicated leather cleaner from Krystal Kleen Detail preparing the leather for a ceramic based leather coating in the form of Feynlab leather with plastics and dash getting a coat of Feynlab Plastic.


It’s always good to get experience working on a new model of car and being able to compare and contrast between the two and learn new techniques. The finished product looked sublime as it was driven away by a very happy customer!


f500 and f1000 followed by wash and prime SiStal coating. Lush leather followed by Feynlab leather coating. Feynlab plastic on all of the dash and door cards.